Celebrating 3 Years Living In England (Dinner At Butlers In Arundel)


It’s been 3 years since we moved to England.  It was nearly a month after that when we moved into our house, but we arrived in England on the 17th November from Singapore 3 years ago.  That winter it rained so much that we saw flooding everywhere but it’s been raining a lot this autumn, too,  and some cars have been stuck in water here and there.  We arrived in England in the evening of that day so we stayed at an airport hotel overnight, then went to stay with my husband’s brother and his wife for the following few days.   I remember how cold it was.

イギリスでの生活の3周年のお祝いに、アランデルの Butlers でディナーをいただいてきました。今の家に入居して初めての外食がこのレストランで、この辺りではとても美味しいと言われているレストランです。初めて行ったのは12月だったので大勢のグループの方達がクリスマスパーティーをされていてとっても賑やかでしたが、今日は比較的空いていました。12月に入ると混むのだと思いますが、今はあまり外食をされない時期なのかもしれません。

To celebrate the 3 years in England, we had dinner at Butlers in Arundel.  This was the first restaurant we went to for dinner after moving into our house in the middle of December.  As it was close to Christmas it was very busy with dressed up people having Christmas parties in groups, but it was relatively quiet today.  I guess it’ll get busier in December but it’s a quiet time now.




My husband had Mushroom Arancini for starter, the sauce was smoky with paprika and very spicy but tasty.


I had Cauliflower Bhaji.  It wasn’t what I think of as Bhaji, it was somewhat sticky inside.  I liked the carrot salad, which tasted a little Asian.  I preferred the Arancini, though.


My husband had chicken for the main, I think he enjoyed it.


I couldn’t find anything on the menu that I really fancied so I had Rib-Eye steak.  The sauce was very salty but I could scrape it off.  The beef itself had good taste, but it was rather chewy and I had to chew many times before being able to swallow.  It was quite a large piece as well, so I had about a half of it and left the rest.  It’s not in the photo but the vegetable was tender stem broccoli.


We shared a Dark Chocolate Fondant for dessert, very rich.



It was a little under done.



Arundel at night.  I love those small lit Christmas trees on the walls.



When we arrived in England, I had lots of worries – will we be able to renovate our house to our liking?  Are we going to be OK living in the countryside when we’d always lived in cities?  Aren’t we going to feel bored? etc etc but I feel we settled down really well and have been very happy – we are grateful that things have worked well and we are happy here.

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