Pasta With Chorizo, Pepper, Olive, Tomato Sauce


Last night, the wind was so strong, I heard a lot of noise from the roof and it was quite scary.  I was wondering if the noise was made by the solar panels, I don’t know for sure.  And today it rained, rained and rained.  We went to Petworth today and saw a lot of fields flooded along the way.


There was some of the last night’s dinner left – chicken in choirzo, pepper, paprika & tomato.  We’d eaten all the chicken but there was some of the rest left so I added tomato sauce to that and used it as a pasta sauce.  We had it with Tagliatelle today.  It was delicious!  We do cook similar pasta sauce now and again but as the chicken had been cooked in this one it had a deeper flavour than usual.




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