First Snowdrop


As we finally had good weather all day, we did some gardening.  Last week we bought 2 rectangular planters to put on the patio near the living room as we wanted to plant the tulip bulbs that were left over after planting them in our original 4 pots.  We found quite a few of the bulbs had some mould so after all there weren’t as many left as we’d thought but we planted what we had.  (I found out later that as long as they are still firm a little mould on bulbs is apparently OK.)  The planters are in the area that is in the shade most of the day so I don’t know if they’ll flower but we thought we’d give them a go rather than just throwing them away.  We also planted violas in the large pots on the larger patio where cyclamens originally were; the cyclamens had got rotten after those frosty days.  I think we’ve done what we have to do in autumn/winter in the gardens.  We’ll have to start pulling the weeds out again in spring, I guess, but at the moment I don’t see a lot of weeds.


We saw this snowdrop in the corner of our back garden, our first snowdrop this year!  So sweet!





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