Lunch in Arundel


It’s gone so cold!!  I know it’s gone cold in Japan, too, but it is very cold here.  I don’t think it went down to minus 7 last night/early this morning as forecast, but it did get down to minus 4.  At the moment (3:00pm), it’s 0C.


Our friends are coming for a light lunch tomorrow and we were going to go to La Patisserie in Shoreham to get French bread, tarts etc.  However, apparently there was a big car accident due to the icy road on the main road to Shoreham  and the road was still closed this afternoon.  As it takes 30 minutes at least to get there normally, we didn’t feel we should try to get there on a back roads route as it would take too long, so we had to change our plan.

代わりに、アランデルのデリであれこれ買って来ることにしてアランドルに行ったので、ロックダウン前にはよく行っていたカフェ、「Motte & Bailey Cafe」で軽いランチをしました。

Instead, we went to Arundel to get a few things at the deli we go to there and had a light lunch at the cafe “Motte & Bailey Cafe”, where we used to go often before Lockdown; we hadn’t been there for a while.




I took these photos of inside the cafe but forgot to take photos of our lunch completely.  My husband had Eggs Benedict and I had a Toastie (Bacon, Avocado & Tomato).

サクッと食べて、Pallant of Arundel でバゲット(ショーラムのお店を見つけるまではここで買っていましたが、フランスのバゲットとは全然違うのであまり好みではない)や明日必要なあれこれを買い込んで戻ってきました。

After our quick lunch, we went to Pallant of Arundel to buy French Bread (we used to buy it here before we found the bakery in Shoreham but it’s quite different from the real thing so we don’t like it as much) and some other bits and pieces for tomorrow’s lunch.



On our way, we saw something very interesting.  With so much rain we’ve been having there are lots of big puddles on the roads and in one place the water that had been splashed up by the cars onto the trees nearby had caused the trees to form icicles from their branches.  Sad I wasn’t able to take a photo.



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