The Sussex Ox (Lunch With Friends) (& Air-conditioning Unit Problem Solved)


Another cold day, the temperature was minus at night and the highest was only 6C or 7C but as you can see from one of the photos below there was a bright blue sky without a cloud.  The sun is very low this time of year so it was very bright to be in the car.

今日は、ヘイスティング近くにお住まいのお友達ご夫婦とランチをご一緒しました。夫と大学時代からのお友達です。両方の家からだいたい真ん中ぐらいということで、何度か落ち合っている「The Sussex Ox」とうパブでランチ。

We met our couple friends, who live near Hastings (my husband’s friends from university) and had lunch at a pub “The Sussex Ox”, which is about in the middle between where they live and where we live.




When we’ve met here in the past, I almost always had a beef burger because nothing else on the menu appeals to me, but today I tried Beef & Stout Pie and it was good.  My husband had the same.  My husband finished his but I couldn’t, there was such a lot of beef and pie crust.




Then we shared Bread & Butter Pudding, but this was pretty bad, you cannot call this Bread & Butter Pudding.  My guess how they made it is they soaked thickly sliced bread in milk, covered it with fake custard (I mean Bird’s custard) and microwaved it.  It was not baked in the oven so it had very strange texture.



We are going to be on holiday soon and our friends will be on a skiing trip in March so we said we’ll get together in spring when it’s a bit warmer.



We saw a lot of flooded areas on the way and we had to drive a longer way around today because a lot of roads are closed due to the water pipes burst from freezing.


The air-conditioning company came to look at the air-conditioning unit and he said he thinks that some water that was vented by the boiler system could not go out as normal because part of the drain pipe outside was frozen and as a result came up to the air-conditioning unit but such a thing happens only one in million he said.  I find it strange that it happened only once, around 2:00am on Wednesday and not since, but my husband doesn’t know how that is either.  The guy made a hole in the pipe between the pipe from the  boiler before it reaches the pipe from the air-conditioning unit so when water is released it will be drained from the hole even when the drain pipe is frozen.  Well, hope he is right and it’ll never happen again.


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