Lunch At Garden Centre


It was another beautiful day.  Although it was cold, the sun made it feel warmer though when the wind blew it was cold.

久しぶりにお天気が良い日が続いているのでお出かけしたくなりますが、まだまだ地面は泥濘んでいますし、マナーハウスなどに行ってもお庭にお花はあまりない時期で、やはり冬はあまり出かけられるところがありません。でも、「Hobby Craft」というアートやクラフト関係のもののお店で買いたいものがあったので、少しだけ出かけました。せっかくなのでついでにランチもということで、Haskins という大きなガーデンセンターと Hobbycraft (他にも数件)があるところに行き、ガーデンセンターでランチをしました。かなり混んでいたのでびっくりしましたが、土曜日だったのを忘れていました。なので、小さなお子さん連れも多かったです。

As we don’t have such lovely weather consecutively like this often at this time of year, I felt like going out but the ground is still very muddy and you don’t see anything like flowers yet in the gardens of manor houses so I couldn’t think of anywhere we wanted to go to.  I had something I wanted to get from Hobbycraft so in the end we went there.  We chose the one near Haskins Garden Centre so we could have lunch there, too.  I was quite surprised how busy it was but of course, it’s a Saturday today.  There were a lot of families with small children.


My husband had Lasagne, which came with garlic bread and a little salad.


I had a Toastie of Brie, Bacon & Chilli Jam, which came with Coleslaw and Chips.  It was very good including the chips.  We’ve had lunch here a few times but this was the best one I’ve had.


ランチの後、Hobbycraft でお目当てだった2品を見つけられたので、買って帰りました。

After lunch, we went to Hobbycraft and found 2 items that I wanted so bought them and got back home.



We got quite full after lunch so we’ll be having something light in the evening.




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