Supper With A Next Door Friend / Pasta With Ragu


The husband of our next door neighbours that we get together with now and again is away for a few days so we asked if the wife would like to come and have dinner with us today.  It’s not a ‘dinner party’ really, it’s more of a supper together because she is alone.  My husband told me he was going to cook the dinner so I left it to him – it was pasta with ragu (meat sauce).  I just made a starter, which was a very simple one, a salad of pear, grapes, pecan nuts and salad leaves.  Just something light to start with.  She asked us not to serve dessert to her.  I think she is quite a small eater and she also gets indigestion if she eats too much dairy.  So no dessert.







We had a good evening chatting with her a lot over the meal.



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