Great Spotted Woodpecker


In our garden I see blue tits, goldfinches and robins often but not great spotted woodpeckers.  After we had the garden done, we moved the bird feeder to outside my craft room’s window so we cannot see it from anywhere else but my craft room.  Even from craft room it’s not very easy to see, my PC screen covers the view of the  bottom half of the window so unless I move my head I don’t see the bird feeder.  Anyway, I saw a great woodpecker today so I was moving closer to the window with my camera (to take a video) but then a pigeon came and the woodpecker flew away!  However, it did come back soon afterwards so I managed to take a short video.  Not a great one because it’s through a window with some reflection of the lights and I was quite away from the window so had to use the zoom to the max.




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