Fettuccini with Left-over Beef Casserole As A Pasta Sauce


It was warmer for a little while but got suddenly cold last night and my husband adjusted the central heating again.  When we went out during the day it felt very cold with a strong wind.


I ordered new glasses today. My current pair are 6 or 7 years old, I think, and recently the frame broke.  The part that holds one of the lenses already had a little crack before we moved to England and I was thinking it was about time to my eyesight checked again so it was a good opportunity.  The basic tests were free as NHS covers them but I paid £10 for an extra test and I was relieved that the person in charge told me my eyes are pretty healthy.  I know at my age quite a lot of people have problems and I’ve been noticing that my left eye felt more cloudy recently so I was very pleased that nothing was wrong.


As I sit in front of my PC for many hours a day, I asked for the new lenses to have the anti-glare coating  so it’ll take 2 weeks before I can pick them up so I won’t be able to use them until Saturday in 2 weeks.  You pay for one pair (the more expensive pair) and you get the other pair free.


Today’s dinner was pasta with the left-over beef casserole from yesterday as a sauce.  There were 5 pieces of beef (I had cut them quite large) and a lot of the sauce left so it was enough for 2 of us as a pasta sauce.  All I did was sautéing minced garlic and chilli flakes then added the left-over, cut the beef into small pieces with a spoon.  I wish we had mushrooms, which would have made it even better.  After plating, I grated Parmesan cheese and also lemon rind.  The pasta we used was Fettuccini with truffle, which went so well with the sauce.  I’m always surprised how delicious it is when we use left-over beef casserole as a pasta sauce.






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