Chicken Kyiv (Cheat Dinner From M&S)


The new glasses I picked up a week ago, sadly, were not right for me.  The left side was OK but the right lens wasn’t right and my vision wasn’t very clear.  In the eye test they ask you many times which image is clearer, A or B, and now and again I wasn’t sure and I guess I gave wrong answers.  So I had to have my eyes checked again, which proved that the right lens wasn’t right.  They will let us know when the updated glasses are done  – so I’m wearing the old ones with super-glued part again.


When we went out for the glasses, we stopped at Marks & Spencer’s and bought some ready made meal.  We were planning to get the chicken dish with mushrooms and cream that we bought a few times before, but they didn’t have them today, so we bought Chicken Kyiv instead as well as oven chips and Sticky & Toffee Pudding.  We thought we bought the special £12 combo but I just noticed that Chicken Kyiv isn’t included in that deal.


Sadly, the butter has all run out of the chicken but it was still very good, crispy outside, moist and tender inside and not gamy at all.  We had it with roasted carrots and sugar snap peas.  As I baked a cake this evening we will have the Sticky & Toffee Pudding another day.



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