Garden Update


It looks like cherry blossoms are already in full bloom in Japan, but the weather doesn’t look good this weekend.  What a shame!  Cherry blossoms are a big deal for Japanese, we all look forward to going out to see them at this time of year.


We went to get my new glasses this afternoon, I had new glasses made a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, the right lens wasn’t right for me so they were re-making them.   I’m happy that they are much better this time!  I must say I’m happy that the prescription hasn’t changed too much from 5 or 6 years ago, the right eye is the same and the left eye has progressed a little, which seems  good at my age.


I wrote in Devon that we saw a lot of magnolias in full bloom so maybe it’s a little warmer there, but we saw a lot here, too.  I guess they started blooming in the last one week or so and it suddenly feels more spring-like.


There were a lot of crocuses out in our gardens before we left for Devon, but now you don’t see many of them and see a lot more narcissuses, which were already starting to come out before. but many of them only had buds when we went away.  Also I found a lot of buds on one of the clematis in the front garden.


A lot of crocuses were out both in the front garden and the back garden.















I took all the above photos before we went to Devon, some a couple of weeks ago, and I took the next 3 photos yesterday.





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