Devon Trip Day 4 / Supper

昨日の夕食も、コテージでのおうちピクニック的な軽い食事でした。Dunster のデリで買ったソーセージロールを半分ずつと、他は禅師とと同じ、ほんの少し残っていたポテトサラダ、サラミ類、チーズとデザートにコテージのウェルカムパックに入っていたチョコレートケーキを少しだけ。

The supper yesterday was again a simple ‘picnic at home’.  We shared a sausage roll that we bought from a deli in Dunster, plus the salami, cheese, and potato salad that was left from the day before, followed by a small slice of chocolate cake that we found in the Welcome Pack of the cottage.


We said to each other we wished we had a few more days because the cottage was very comfortable.






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