Devon Trip Day 4 / Chagford

チャグフォードの街の写真をアップし忘れていました。2日目くらいに寄ったのですが、ここに入れちゃいます(笑)。チャグフォードは今回借りたコテージからも度々宿泊している Gidleigh Park Hotel からも一番近い街になります。ここから右の道を行くとホテル、左の道を行くと今回借りたコテージがあります。デボンに良くある車が1台やっと通れるくらいの幅の道で両側には背の高いヘッジがあり、向かい側から車が来るとどちらかがそういう場合に入れる少し広まったところまで下がって道を譲りながら走らなくてはいけないので、とてもストレスフル。

I forgot to blog the photos of Chagford.  We stopped here, I think, on our 2nd day but I’m going to put it here as it doesn’t really matter.  Chagford is the closest town to the cottage we rented this time and also from Gidleigh Park Hotel, where we’ve stayed many times.  Leaving Chagford to the west you come to a road junction with two choices of direction. If you take the lane on the right, you’ll get to Gidleigh Park Hotel and if you take the left lane you’ll get to the cottage we rented.  Both lanes are very narrow with high hedges like many lanes in Devon and it is very stressful to drive because you have to always be aware of a car coming towards you around a bend and either one of you will need to back up to find a wider part, where you can wait for the other car to pass.


Chagford is a very small town and we’d stopped here only a couple of times over the last 30 years or so that we’ve passed through it on the way to the hotel.  This time we wanted to pop into the French Antique shop that the owner of the cottage runs.  The blue shop across the road is the one.







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