Devon Trip Day 5 / Coming Home (And Videos In Devon)


Yesterday, when I was drying my hair, the sun from the window felt too hot but at the same time it was raining, very strange weather.  Just when we were going to put the luggage in the car the rain was so heavy that we waited a little until it more or less stopped – which was a little before 10:00am.  It rained now and again but by lunch time it cleared up and that made it less stressful to drive.


Here is a typical lane in Devon – just when we came to a ‘wider’ lane, the narrow ones are quite a bit narrower, just wide enough for our car.






2時間ほど走ったところで、ランチ休憩。Poole にあるThe St Peter’s Finger という変わった名前のパブに入りました。

We had a lunch break after driving about 2 hours at a pub called St Peter’s Finger (unusual name) in a small village near Poole.




I had a BLT.  I wonder why it’s difficult to get good sandwiches in pubs, I much prefer the sandwiches from a little supermarket at the petrol station.


My husband had Beef Pie.




Here are some videos that I took in Devon.



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