Pasta With Fresh Petit Tomatoes


Today’s dinner was a very simple pasta.  I saw a youtube video of a Japanese chef at an Italian restaurant in Japan cooking this and sort of followed his recipe.  (I want to put the link here but I cannot find it now.)  He sauteed a lightly crushed garlic clove in olive oil until it was a little brown, took it out, then added mini petit tomatoes cut in half with the cut side down.  He cooked them until they were slightly caramelised, then added a ladle of pasta cooking water, pulled all the skin off the tomatoes.  He added pasta when it was cooked (slightly under) and cooked it in the sauce letting the liquid gets absorbed and the pasta to get to the right doneness and that was it.  Instead of a whole crushed garlic clove, I used sliced garlic, sauteed until nicely brown, took them out and added them after plating the pasta because I like it to be garlicky.  I also added some basil at the end.  I did of course season at one point but also seasoned after tasting before turning the heat off.  Then drizzle of olive oil on top.


This method of cooking pasta in the sauce with some pasta cooking water is I’m told something chefs in Italy use and I find it works for me.  I used to get very flustered at the end because I was worried about the pasta to get over-cooked while I tried to get the seasoning right.  This way, I can take time to get it right without worrying.  Although I tend to make tomato sauce with some tin tomatoes and mini tomatoes, I do love the tomato sauce made only with fresh tomatoes.


I wasn’t sure if my husband would like it because he tends to prefer pasta with lots of things in.  He said he enjoyed it very much but I think he was a little tired of it by the end, whereas I could have had it all over again.


We also had some cheese after the pasta.

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