Cumin Flavoured Tomato Soup


Today’s evening meal was just soup, which was tomato soup with garlic and cumin.  My husband and I took a cooking class in Singapore once together and this is one of the recipes we learned that day.  It only has tin tomatoes, water, garlic, cumin seeds, sugar, salt & pepper – really simple but very tasty.  I like it with quite a lot of garlic (but cooked well).  We added a little coriander leaves at the end, which wasn’t in the recipe.





It was a very sunny day all day today.  Although the sun comes out now and again, it usually gets hidden in a few hours, I don’t think we’ve had a day with the sun out all day for quite a while.  Also the clock went forward yesterday so the days are now longer, the sun set time is a little before 7:00pm now.  When we finish the embroidery gathering, it has been getting dark already but today it felt like it was still day time around 4:00pm.  Every person, when they came out of the building, said “What a lovely day today!”  The sun does cheer you up a lot!  Sadly the weather forecast has no sun mark for the next one week or longer, though.



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