Chicken Schnitzel


It was another windy day, sometimes with rain, sometimes with sunshine.  I wish the weather would change for the better so we can go somewhere.


Well, I made a huuuge boo boo today.  In my diary, I had ‘French Baking Class’ listed for tomorrow and I was going to do the preparation tonight, but I found out that the lesson was actually today!  The instructor sent me some messages, she even phoned me, but I had my iphone in my craft room and I was somewhere else and didn’t see them until about 30 minutes after the class started.  I couldn’t have joined the class anyway because I hadn’t done any preparations but I felt bad that the instructor had to wait and send me messages.  I have the video of the lesson so I will have to make them with that.  So sad.

さて、今日の夕食は、チキンのシュニッツェル (レシピはこちら)、サルサ添え。サルサに入れたのは、玉ねぎ、青ネギ、トマト、きゅうり、赤パプリカ、シャンツァイ、レモン汁、オリーブオイル、塩胡椒。いつもはここにポテトのローストを添えますが、今日はポテトの準備を忘れていて後はチキンの準備だけというところで思い出したので冷凍のフレンチフライのオーブン焼きにしました。チキンは胸肉を薄く開いて使います。半分くらい浸かるくらいのオイルで揚げ焼きにしますが、揚げ物が得意ではないわたしもこれは失敗がありません。でも、こちらのレストランで食べるとカッチカチのぱっさぱさになってて、なぜそうなるのか不思議です。

Today’s dinner was Chicken Schnitzel with salsa from this blog post (Japanese only).  In the salsa, I put onion, green onion, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, coriander leaves, lemon juice, olive oil, sat & pepper.  We usually have this with roasted potatoes but I’d forgotten to prep the potatoes until we finished making the salsa so we had oven baked chips (from frozen).  I open up the chicken breast so it’s thinner and bash it a little to make it even thinner.  I use enough oil to cover about a half of the thickness and fry them.  Although I’m not so good at deep-frying I’ve never had any problem with this dish, it always comes out nice and moist.  However, I’ve had  some very tough and very dry and horrible ones in restaurants, where professional cooks work, in England (and one of them is a very reputable expensive restaurant), how come??





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