Big Lunch – Tapas (Andalcia) (New Find)


It’s been a rainy day all day, not heavily raining but drizzling most of the day.  The weather forecast in the next 2 weeks show only one rain mark, the rest are sun marks or cloud with sun.  Are they sure?  That’ll be so great.  Incidentally, one of my friends live in New York and they had 31C for the last couple of days, wow!  Such a surprise.  Then, I looked at the weather in Kobe and found it isn’t so warm there, most days look around 15C, which isn’t much warmer than here.


We tried a tapas restaurant “Andalcia” that a friend of mine likes very much.  (I hadn’t told her about my blog but I was going to just write we’d been there here if we didn’t like it, but we quite like it so I can write.)  It takes about 30 minutes to get there.



Chorizo and Dates wrapped with bacon, breaded and deep-fried.  Dates wrapped with bacon and baked in the oven are very old-fashioned appetisers around the world (but I don’t think I’d ever seen it in a Tapas restaurant). I hadn’t seen the combination of chorizo, dates & bacon then breaded and deep-fried, but we thought they must be good so we tried them and they were quite good.



Pan Con Tomate.  The grated tomatoes didn’t have any seasoning, but they had put some salt flakes here and there.  Personally I prefer grated tomatoes seasoned with normal salt because I find some part has no taste and some part, where salt flakes are, is too salty.  I know, though, that a lot of people like having salt flakes, so I must be the minority.


Meatballs.  They tasted of oregano.


My husband almost always orders potatoes with spicy tomato sauce but we tried potatoes with garlic mayonnaise today.  We wished they’d fried the potatoes longer, quite under-done.


Spicy cauliflower with pistachio.  I felt it needed a bit of something else.  Maybe not enough seasoning?  I wasn’t sure.  The sauce was quite spicy.


For dessert I ordered Semi Freddo of Almond.  Good.


My husband ordered almond cake.



There was nothing that I found unpleasant, which is on the rare side here, and they were all OK or good, so overall I would say it was quite good.  Also there were more dishes that I could have had, which is great.   We’d go back.   Including 2 glasses of wine and a bottle of sparkling water as well as tip, we paid £85, which might be on the expensive side but we did have dessert each so maybe not so bad.


60 Ferring St, Ferring
Worthing BN12 5JP



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