“Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew”


It was very strange weather today, it was sunny at one point but then rained, then sunny again, then rain – very English.  It was also very windy like a storm.  I wanted to see if the cherry blossoms are in full in the park we went about 10 days ago (they were just beginning to bloom then) but I guess they would have all been blown away by this wind, very sad.  We have hardly seen any cherry blossoms this year.  Since we moved to England we seem to have quite a lot of windy days.  I knew we have lots of rain but didn’t expect it to get so windy so often.  When we were visiting England once a year or so, I didn’t really think it was a windy place, I guess we didn’t have windy days when we were here.  I’m not sure if the area we live in gets more wind or not, it’s not by the sea but not too far away, so maybe that’s a part of the reason?  I find wind very uncomfortable even when it’s not cold and now I worry about our plants in our gardens, specially in our front garden, wind is very bad for the plants.


Today’s dinner was Jamie Oliver’s Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew because I moved Beef Rib from the freezer to the fridge last night (without deciding what to cook).  We used onion, carrot, parsnip & potatoes.  In the recipe he uses Jerusalem Artichoke and Butternut Squash but we didn’t have either of them but did have sweet potato so we added one.  Cooking time depends of the beef but we cooked for 3 hours and it was very tender.  In the recipe he puts all the vegetables with the beef but we put just carrots and one parsnip as parsnips and potatoes can break up easily, we added one more parsnip, some potatoes and a sweet potato after 2 hours.


Just before you eat you sprinkle on a mixture of grated lemon rind, minced garlic & minced rosemary, which adds a lovely aroma and makes it even more tasty.


My husband had smoked salmon as a starter and had seconds of beef stew as well.











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