Pancake Cannelloni Again


Good weather again, so it was still light outside when we started having dinner.  The days will get longer and longer and soon hopefully we can eat outside when the weather is good enough.  Well, if it warms up more that is, because it’s still quite cold.  Apparently they were expecting a heatwave later this month but it doesn’t seem to be happening as the forecast says the lowest temperature will be 6C and highest 12C or 13C at the end of this month.  Also all those ‘sun marks’ disappeared from the weather forecast and it looks like it’ll rain most of the days from Thursday on.   I hope May will be a better month.


Yesterday we had only about a half of the Pancake Cannelloni that my husband made so we had the rest today for dinner.  I added a little cream, covered the dish with alminium foil and warmed it up in the oven, I think it was even nicer than yesterday.  Yum!



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