Sweet Peas


From what I see on youtube, it looks like people plant quite a lot of annuals in their gardens but here in England I feel the majority of people plant just perennials.  Our garden was planted according to our garden designer’s plan so it’s almost all perennials.   I did ask the garden designer to include about 30% of annuals but she told me I can plant what I want wherever possible.  I feel it’s a bit boring to have only perennials and the places where we can plant additionally tend to be unsuitable for plants – eg not enough sun or not good drainage.


Still, we did plant cosmos and sweet peas last year and they both did very well, they flowered a lot for a long time – so we decided to plant them again this year although different types from last year’s.  I chose 2 kinds of cosmos, which we have planted already.  We didn’t know anything about growing them so both cosmos and sweet peas grew very thin and tall – we didn’t pinch.  This year we will.  Also we didn’t put supports early enough so cosmos stems bent badly and one or two of them eventually fell on the ground.  This year hopefully we’ll put supports on early enough.  Sweet peas we planted last year tangled up and it was very difficult to use for cut flowers, specially because the stems were very short, so I chose special long stem types this year (I bought a set, which came with 5 different kinds, 4 of each).  As for supports for sweet peas we heard at one of the lectures we had from Sara Raven that jute nets are the best, so we bought one of them and my husband installed it, using our fence as support.


有名なガーデナー、Sara Raven さんの講義を受けた時にスイートピーはネットで育てるのがおすすめだとおっしゃっていたので、今年はネットを買ってとりつけてみました。

Here is the net for sweet peas.




We need to tie each stem on the net once a week or so.  I hope they’ll grow well.



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