Take Away Indian (From Sainsbury’s)


While we were in Rome, it rained quite heavily here and wasn’t good weather but it turned out to be a beautiful day today.  When we went out to a supermarket, it felt very hot inside the car and the temperature outside was 20C.  However, it was very cold last night.  My husband put the underfloor heating on in my craft room yesterday morning so it was nice and warm but the rest of the house felt quite cold.  Quite a while ago we turned off the central heating and the only heating we were using was the towel rails in our bathroom but it wasn’t cold before we went to Rome, it was actually getting too warm in our bedroom, the temperature going as high as 23C or 24C at night.  My husband says just us cooking in the kitchen brings up the temperature of the rest of the house.  I guess the rainy weather while we were away also affected it because I notice when it’s sunny it does get much warmer inside even when the temperature isn’t higher than when it’s not good weather.


Now, this happens every time when we come home from a holiday but we didn’t feel like cooking much today.  Also we had a delivery of many plant plugs again late last night – it was fortunate that they weren’t delivered when we were away – and we had to plant them this evening and we wouldn’t have a lot of time to cook.  When we went to Sainsbury’s we bought one of those ‘take away’ bags of Indian dishes.  It had onion bahji, chicken korma, butter chicken, saffron pilau and naan for 2 and we added a pack of vegetable samosas.  They were all very good, I think I prefer this Sainsbury’s pack to the Marks & Spencer’s one.  The only negative was that onion bahji were a bit burned.




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