Dinner At Brasserie Blanc In Chichester

昨日アップするのをすっかり忘れていましたが、昨日の夕食は、20%ディスカウントというプロモーションをしていたのでチチェスターの「Brasserie Blanc」に行きました。

I totally forgot to blog our dinner yesterday, but we went to “Brasserie Blanc” in Chichester because they were having a promotion that you get 20% off the bill.


For the starter my husband had Burrata cheese & tomato salad, which had pesto, dried fava beans (they were like what we eat as a snack in Japan) and fresh fava beans. He enjoyed it.



I had bread and dips.


For the main my husband had Beef Bourguignon.


I thought I would try something new and had Pork Ribeye.  I haven’t had an enjoyable pork dish in England (except roast pork) and thought maybe they will cook it right but I still found it very dry and with not much flavour.  Here pork doesn’t have much fat so I guess it’s not easy (or even possible) to cook it so it stays moist.




My husband had rhubarb crumble for dessert.


I tried Treacle Stem Pudding, but the sauce was much too sweet.



I often have a good meal here but there are some good items and some not so good items, so I made a wrong order this time.


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