Warm Sichuan Noodles (Without Soup)

今日は夕方ポットの植物の植え替えをしていてあまり時間がないことがわかっていたので、準備をしておけばサッと作れるものということで、先日、La Table Enchantee のズームによりお料理教室(わたしは録画で拝見)教わった、「四川風暖かい和え麺」を作ってみました。麺はセインズベリーで売られていた炒める用の中華麺を使ってみました。電子レンジで1分温めてから炒めるとありましたが、わたしは炒めないので沸騰したお湯に入れて再沸騰したら上げて使いました。

We did some re-potting of plants this evening so I knew I would be tired and also may not have much time to cook, so chose a menu that is quick and easy as long as I do some preparation in advance and tried “Warm Sichuan Noodles (without soup)”, which I learned at the Zoom cooking class by La Table Enchantee .  When we were in Sainsbury’s the other day we bought a bag of Chinese noodles for stir-frying.  The package said microwave for a minute then stir-fry but I just put it into boiling water and took it out when it came back to boil because I wasn’t going to stir-fry.


I cooked everything according to the recipe except that I didn’t put any peanuts in because we didn’t have any and also added Sichuan pepper (ground).  It was delicious.  I love noodle dishes like this so I’m sure we’ll be having this often.



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