Lunch In New Forest / The Royal Oak

このところ良いお天気が続いているのでどこかにお出かけしたかったのですが、何かしら用があったりガーデニングをしなくてはいけなかったりでなかなか行けず、やっと今日、行って来ました。そろそろ石楠花が見頃だと思い、石楠花を見にニューフォレストの「Exbury Gardens」に行ってきました。

The weather has been glorious here since we came back from Rome and it was very sunny again today.  I’ve been wanting to go somewhere but we had some chore or appointment that stopped us going out until yesterday, but we didn’t have anything on today so we went to “Exbury Gardens” in The New Forest to see the rhododendrons.

その前に、ランチ。「The Royal Oak」というパブに行きました。

Before that, we had lunch at The Royal Oak  in Beaulieu.



We almost always have bitter when we are in a pub.  The one we had today was on the sweet and nutty side.



My husband had Beef & Ale Pie.  Apparently the chips were sad and soggy but the pie was good.


I had pizza.  It wasn’t Italian style or American style but homemade.  I would have liked it to be baked a little longer so the bottom was crispy but it was enjoyable enough.  It was very large so we brought the left-overs home and we’ll share it in the evening.




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