Exbury Gardens

昨日も書きましたが、昨日は「Exbury Gardens」に石楠花を見に行きました。我が家から車で1時間ほどのところにあります。ニューフォレストにあるので去年3月末にニューフォレストのコテージを借りていたときにも行っていますが、もちろん芍薬には早すぎる時期でした。今回は見頃ではないかと思って行きましたが、今年はあまり気温が上がっていないせいか、綺麗に咲いているものも沢山ありましたし中には散り始めたものもありましたが、見頃はまだこれからのように思いました。機会があれば何週間か先にもう一度行って見たいと思います。芍薬より少し遅れて咲くさつきやつつじはまだまだな感じでした。とっくに終わったと思っていたブルーベルが意外と結構残っていました。

As I wrote yesterday, we went to “Exbury Gardens”.  It takes us about an hour by car.  As it’s in The New Forest, we went there when we were renting a cottage in the New Forest in late March last year, but of course it was too early for rhododendrons then.   This time we thought it’s probably the peak for them now but we weren’t sure, there were many in bloom and some falling off but there were many that weren’t out yet as well so maybe the peak would be a little later, it’s been quite cool so that’s probably why.  Most of azaleas were not out yet.  We’d like to return in a few weeks if we have time as it’ll probably even more beuatiful.  Surprisingly, we saw a lot of bluebells as well although naturally they looked they were going.


As it was a Saturday and the weather was lovely we thought it might be very busy but it didn’t feel that way because it is quite a large place.  I thought we’d see many more families with small children but there weren’t that many, the main visitors were elderly people.


There are so many photos again, there are 60!  So I’ll upload them in 2 posts.



New Forest.  Although we saw a lot of horses, I couldn’t get a good photo of any.


Three people on horses.

 Exbury Gardens




























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