Lunch At The Swan Hotel In Arundel


It was cloudy this morning but the sun came out around lunch time and was lovely weather all afternoon and evening.  It looks like it’ll be good weather for the next couple of weeks.  My husband was enjoying sitting in the garden reading a book in the afternoon.  It’s a shame it gets chilly in the evening as otherwise it’d be sort of weather that makes you want to have BBQ in the garden.

今日は、2種間に1度ある刺繍の会の集まりがあり、お隣のお友達と一緒に参加しましたが、その前にアランデルの The Swan Hotel でランチをしました。今日は2人とも、ソーセージサンド。ボリュームタップリ。チップスは、4つくらい食べました。

I joined the Embroidery Group in Arundel with my next door neighbour this afternoon, but we also had lunch at the Swan Hotel.  We both had Sausage Sandwich today.  It’s quite large and filling so I had only about 4 chips.



Around the same time, my husband was having lunch alone at another pub.  Beef pie.  He said it was very good.  it came with fried potatoes (apparently they call thick ones chips and thinner ones fried potatoes, I don’t know if people call them that way everywhere), broccoli and 2 whole roasted carrots!  The whole roasted carrots seem very popular in England, not sure if they look very nice on a plate but they are lovely and sweet and very nice.




When we have a big lunch like today we often have something very light in the evening, we had potato salad sandwich, which is popular in Japan although I don’t think I’ve seen one in England.  (No photo)

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