Chicken Curry


Today’s dinner was Chicken Curry.  We were going to use one of those curry kits we sometimes use as they are quick to make and very tasty, but I found one of the sauces in the kit was leaking very slightly from its bag.  I could also see a little discolouration where it leaked.  We couldn’t really use it specially because it doesn’t have any preservatives inside, so we decided to use just the packet of whole spices and another packet of sauce.


So I basically cooked the usual Indian curry that I cook – sauteed onion, then added garlic and ginger, then spices like cumin, coriander, store-bought curry powder mixture, sauteed further, then added some of a tin tomato.  Then I added chicken that I marinaded in yoghurt and another packet of sauce, cooked it for a little while.  I then added a tin of coconut milk today, which I don’t often do.  Then added boiled new potatoes and frozen peas, then garam masala and it was done.  There wasn’t a lot of chicken so I bulked it up by a lot of new potatoes and some frozen peas.  The rice (basmati rice) was cooked with sauteed onion and some spices.  Both turned out to be very tasty.



I forgot to write it but the flowers on the table are petunias that I cut off from the plants we planted yesterday.






Incidentally, we order Asahi beer mostly from an online supermarket that we use regularly, but the other day, when my husband opened one of the bottles and poured it in a glass it was water!  My husband said to me, “Why did you fill a beer bottle with water and put it in the fridge?”  I said, “I didn’t do that.”  My husband said that when he opened the bottle it opened very easily and didn’t make the sound ‘pshooo’  you usually hear.  He opened another bottle and it was the same!  Others in our fridge. look like they have beer in but these two bottles had water.  Of course, he contacted the customer service of the online supermarket, but we are wondering who did such things.  It’s also a little scary, isn’t it?  I’m glad it was water rather than something harmful (not that we drunk the water-looking thing so we don’t know 100% it’s just water but it looks like it.)



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