London Day 2 / Concert (Nobuyuki Tsujii) & Dinner


It feels colder here in London than where we live and I’ve been wearing a denim jacket. However, apparently, it’ll go up to 29C on Saturday!

今回、この時期にロンドンに来たのは、辻井伸行さんとロイヤル・フィルハーモニック・オーケストラ(指揮は、Vasily Petrenkoさん)のコンサートに行くためでした。7時半開演だったので、早めに6時にコンサートがあるRoyal Festival Hall が入っているサウスバンクセンターの「Skylon」というレストランに予約を入れていました。便利だからここにしたのですが、レビューは良いのと悪いのとあったそうです。まぁ、期待はできないと思っていましたが、美味しくなかったです。景色は良いですし、すごく便利なのは良かったですが。

The reason why we came to London this time was we had tickets for a concert by Tsujii Nobuyuki & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (with conductor Vasily Petrenko) at the Royal Festival Hall. The concert was from 7:30pm so we booked a table at the rerstaurant, “Skylon” in the South Bank Centre, where thge Royal Festival Hall also is. We chose the restaurant for the convenience and I wasn’t expecting much, my husband told me there were both good and bad reviews. Well, it wasn’t good. Still the view was nice and it was very convenient.


Bread was fine.


My husband had Smoked Salmon for a starter.


I had a Caesar Salad. It had broccoli, sun dried tomato and artichoke, which is unusual for Caesar Salad, it was OK.


Although I thought it was risky I ordered Lemon & Thyme flavoured chicken because I just couldn’t find anything else. It was extremely dry, so dry that it felt it was going to block my throat. No flavour of lemon. I tried one mouthful of the breast and one nouthful of the leg and left the rest.


My husband had Artichoke Tortellini. I tried one but it wasn’t very nice, I didn’t like the texture at all. My husband offerd to change with my chicken but I delined as it didn’t help much.


Sticky toffee pudding for dessert. So sweet….


So, the dinner was quite bad but the concert was fantastic. As it’s Nobuyuki Tsujii’s concert, there were many Japanese people, it’s been a long time since I saw so many Japanese around me and heard the Japanese language bring spoken.

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