London Day 2 / Lunch At Din Tai Fung


We always go to Din Tai Fun for lunch (occasionally for dinner) whenever we come to London. There is no good (or even so-so) Chinese restaurants near where we live in Sussex so we look forward to this opportunity when we are in capital. We would usually go to the one in Covent Garden (because it is closer to the hotel we where usually stay) but this time we went to the one in Selfridges because it’s the closest to the hotel we are staying at.


We ordered Xiolong Bao, Noodles with Spicy Sauce, Vegetable Starter, Dan Dan Noodles, Chicken & Vegetable Gyoza and Bao with bean paste for dessert.


The vegetable starter hasn’t been available since Covid so we hadn’t had it for quite a few years, but today it was back! I guess they couldn’t get the dried tofu. I wouldn’t have thought this was such good Chinese food when we lived in Hong Kong but now that we live in England, this rates as excellent.

ランチの後、セルフリッジの中をぶらぶらっと見て歩いて、近くのマークス&スペンサー図を見て、パブで休憩して、Waterstonesという本屋さんに行ってから、ホテルに戻りました。Waterstones にはソファーやアームチェアーが置かれていて、興味のある本を見つけたら天安で座ってゆっくりと見ることが出来るので、ロンドンに来るとここにも必ず寄ります。

After lunch, we looked around in Selfridge’s, then in Marks & Spencer’s, then had a break at a pub, before going on to Waterstones. Here there are some nice sofas and arm chairs you can sit on and read the books you are interested in. This is another place we almost always visit.

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