11 Cadogan Gardens (Hotel In London)

今日から3泊でロンドンに来ています。明日あるコンサートのチケットを買っているのでそれが主な目的ですが、せっかくなので美味しいものを食べたりお買い物をするつもりです。これまでロンドンではクラリジッズに宿泊していましたが、このところホテルの宿泊料がどんどん値上がりしていて高すぎるということで、今回は、チェルシーの 11 Cadogan Gardens というホテルに泊まっています。クラリジッズよりお部屋は広いですし、今のところ快適です。

We are in London from today for 3 nights. This time we are here to go to a concert tomorrow, but we also would like to enjoy eating out and shopping. We had been staying at Claridge’s for previous visits to London but the hotel fees have been going up so much recently and we decided that Claridge’s was too expensive now and are trying a hotel we hadn’t stayed before – 11 Cadogan Gardens. The room is larger than those we’ve had at Claridge’s and so far it’s very comfortable.


We arrived at the hotel a little before 4:00pm, then we unpacked and went out to walk near the hotel. There was a nice looking little street with cafes, restaurants, a baker, a cheesemonger etc.


We looked in a departmenet store, did a little shopping, then had a little rest in a juice bar.

その後、ホテルに戻ってディナーに出かけるまでお部屋でゴロゴロ。ディナーは何年振り(どころか、多分15年ぶりくらい)に Gordon Ramsay‘s に行ったのですが、カメラを忘れてしまってとても残念です。携帯で写真は撮りましたが、たくさんの写真ですお料理の説明も書きたいので、家に戻ってコンピューターでゆっくり書こうと思います。

We then came back to the hotel room and rested until it was time to go out for dinner. We went to Gordon Ramsay’s – it’s been probab;y 15 years or longer since we’d been there before. I am so sad that I forgot to bring my camera. I did take photos using my iPhone, but the restaurant was dark and they probably aren’t that great. Anyway, as there are many photos I will blog the dinner after I get home so I can do that using my PC to process them.

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