London Day 3 / Dinner At The Guinea Grill


Today was a little warmer than yesterday and was very sunny, so it felt quite hot during the day although the highest temperature was only 21C and felt nice and cool in the shade. After lunch, we did some shopping (I didn’t buy anything), then went back to the hotel room and stayed there until dinner time.

今日の夕食は、何度か行ったことがある「The Guinea」というパブでステーキでした。お天気が良いのでパブの前はビールなど飲んでいる人たちでいっぱいでした。イギリスではこうしてパブの前で立ったまま飲む人が多く、特に気候が良い時期の週末はこういう光景があちらこちらで見られます。前回行ったのは8年前のことで、その時にはわたしはリブアイをいただいたのですが、今回はメニューにリブアイがなく、仕方なく夫もわたしもサーロインにしました。付け合わせは、スイートコーン、マッシュルームのガーリック風味、ポテトグラタン、チップス。

For dinner we went to “The Guinea” and had steak. As the weather is lovely there were so many people drinking in front of the pub, this is very English scene to me, we don’t do this in Japan. We’d been there a few times, the last time when we were there 8 years ago, I had a ribeye steak and it was very good but this time there was no ribeye on the menu so both my husband and I had sirloin. For the side dishes we ordered sweet corn, mushroom & garlic, potato gratin and chips.


Sirloin in England has fat outside but other than that there is hardly any fat so I found it quite dry, even though it was cooked well. It wasn’t gamey at all but I found it too dry and also couldn’t really taste much of the flavour of the beef. All the side dishes as well as the steak were too salty for me, too. I don’t think we’ll go back. I remember we enjoyed it last time so it really is a shame it wasn’t as good this time.


We shared a dessert, Paris Brest with pistachio praline, which was good.

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