Mushroom Risotto (Thermomix)


It was quite cool yesterday as the highest temperature was only 21C (it was warmer inside our house) but it went up to 26C today.  The humidity was 65%, which is quite high for England, so it did feel warm and as soon as I started doing anything I felt hot and bothered.  It’s not bad at all if you are sitting and doing nothing much, specially in the shade outside with the breeze, but once you start doing anything you get hot.  Unfortunately, the French Baking Class this month for me happened to be today and it was a long one (3 hours and 30 minutes) so I got quite hot and tired.  I will blog what I baked (made) tomorrow.

レッスンの後、疲れ果てたわたしを見て(笑 疲れ果てるほどではなかったのですがレッスンが長かったのと終わって洗い物を終えた時点で7時ごろだったので)夫が気の毒がってくれて、「夕食は作ってあげる」と嬉しい申し出。今日は簡単にサーモミックスで作れるマッシュルーム・リゾットの予定だったこともあり、機械を使うのが大好きな夫が作ってくれました。使ったレシピはCookidoo というアプリのレシピですが、レシピにはないドライポルチーニとドライポルチーニの戻し汁を追加して、レシピ通りだと少し硬めに仕上がるので少し長めに調理をして液体も少し多めに加えています。レシピ通りだと少し塩辛いので、お塩とパルメジャーのチーズは少し減らすのがお勧め。ドライポルチーニのお陰で旨味たっぷりで、とても美味しかったです。

After the class, seeing how exhausted I was (well, I wouldn’t really say I was exhausted, I was just a bit tired) my husband offered to cook dinner, which was lovely of him.  We planned to cook Mushroom Risotto using our Thermomix and he loves using any gadget so that was another reason, I think, my husband offered to cook.  The recipe is from ‘Cookidoo’  but we add dried porcini and the liquid you get after you reconstitute them.  Also we find the programme makes the risotto slightly under-cooked so we add a minute to the cooking time and also reduce the salt level.  It was delicious and flavourful, I think, because of the addition of dried porcini.




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