Lunch At Barley Mow Near Windsor


We had lunch today with my husband’s brother and his wife, who live near Windsor.  We in general get together once a month or so but they were too busy last month so it’s been a little while since we saw them (well, everyone else is busy other than us).  It was raining most of the day today with a short period of time when it wasn’t.  It hasn’t been such good weather recently and it has rained now and again in the last couple of weeks but not properly, so we said “It’s good for the garden!” as English people do.

ランチは、義弟夫婦の家の近くの今風のパブ The Barley Mow で。以前にも行ったことがあります。ウェブサイトにはブラッセリー・ブランとの関わりは書かれていなくて、どう言うシステムなのかわからないのですが、チチェスターにもあるブラッセリー・ブランと同じメニューを提供しています。人気のようで、結構広い店内ですが満席でした。

We went to The Barley Mow near where they live. We’d been there before a couple of times.  In their website I couldn’t find anything about Brasserie Blanc so I don’t know the relation but their menu is the same as Brasserie Blanc.   It seems very popular, they were full although it’s not very small.



My husband had Burrata cheese salad for a starter and Beef Pie for a main.  His brother also had the Beef Pie as his main.


わたしは、前菜はフランスパンとディップ、メインは前菜メニューのモルトーソーセージサラダ。モルトーソーセージのサラダはチチェスターの Brasserie Blanc でも何度も食べたのですが、ここのはドレッシングがかかり過ぎていてかなり味が濃く酸っぱかったです。ドレッシングそのものは同じだと思うのですが、量が多過ぎたのだと思います。義弟は、モルトーソーセージのサラダを前菜にしていました。

I had French Bread with dips for a starter and Morteau Sausage Salad (from the starter menu).  I’ve had Morteau Sausage Salad at Brasserie Blanc in Chichester many times, but this one had too much dressing.  The dressing is, I think, the same but as there was too much of it it tasted very acidic.  My brother-in-law had this Morteau Sausage Salad as his starter.




My sister-in-law had Ham hock terrine as a starter.


The focus is on the wine glass by mistake, but my sister-in-law had Halloumi Cheese Burger for the main.  It came with chips and Coleslaw, I think she didn’t like the Coleslaw.


For a dessert, my husband and I shared Pistachio Souffle and my brother-in-law and his wife shared Ice cream.






I hear it’s going to be extremely windy from tonight to tomorrow and I can see it’s already very windy here.  Wind is really bad for the garden, I hope there won’t be too much damage.


Talking about damage, the awful damage by the extreme weather in Japan is very scary and heartbreaking.


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