Chicken Fajitas


Although it was still windy now and again today – not nearly as bad as the last few days – we tried to tidy up the front garden this afternoon.  There were many verbena stems broken and other stems were leaning to the front so much that they were almost horizontal, so we cut off the broken stems and pushed back the rest towards the wall and moved the supports so they aren’t leaning over as much as before.  Quite a few dahlias were broken, too, so I needed to cut them off.  Catmint and salvias had finished flowers so I cut them all back as well and the front garden is looking better than before.  The Verbenas are too tall, much taller than my husband now, and they lean to the front even without a strong wind but they were getting nearly horizontal because of the very strong wind we had the other day.  Maybe next year we should put the supports in earlier than we did this year closer to the stems so they don’t bend so much.


Today’s dinner was Chicken Fajitas.  I marinaded chicken breast in Salt Koji, lemon juice (I should have used lime juice but I didn’t think of it), olive oil, then sliced it thinly.  I also sliced yellow pepper and onion to about the same size as the chicken pieces.  I stir-fried both with a Fajita spice mix.  We wrapped them in soft tortillas with fresh tomato, coriander leaves and salsa (from a jar).  Shame there was no guacamole, but it’s nearly impossible to find ripe avocado here.  It wasn’t bad.


The flowers on the table are this week’s subscription flowers, a type of arrangement that doesn’t really go with our interior – sun flowers & chrythansemum.  There are some gladioli as well but they aren’t out yet.  I haven’t seen the type of sun flowers we see in Japan – like brown ones or green ones or pale yellow ones, they may have them in London but not around here.  I do like these usual sun flowers in the fields but don’t choose them to put in a vase at home.  I think seeds for many different unusual ones for growing in gardens are available, though.






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