Gazpacho And Chicken & Peach Salad


The heatwaves that we were told we would here in July never came and apparently are no longer expected to come.  In the south of Europe like Italy, Spain and Greece, they are having some extremely hot weather but it’s very cool here.  Today’s highest temperature was 23C and is expected to go even lower in the next one or two weeks.  I have no complaint as I find this temperature quite comfortable, but I suppose many people here are disappointed.


Since it was good weather without being hot, we did some gardening.  I do something in the garden nearly every day but I hadn’t worked this long for a while.  My legs are feeling it.


Today’s dinner was Gazpacho and Chicken, Peach & Parma Ham Salad.  The Gazpacho was a free present from Ocado so we poured just a small amount into the bowls thinking we may not like it, but it was actually quite nice.  There is still a lot left so I guess we’ll have it for lunch tomorrow.


The chicken breast we used for the salad had been marinaded in salt koji, lemon juice & olive oil since yesterday afternoon, we were going to use it for the fajita but figured one breast would be enough for that so kept the other and used it for dinner today.  As the marinading time was quite long the texture had changed slightly but it was quite good with good seasoning.  I pared it with peaches, Parma ham, salad leaves and mint.  I love chicken, avocado & mango salad but it’s nearly impossible to get good avocados or mangoes around here so I’d sort of given up and tried it with peaches as an alternative.  We get ‘ready to eat’ peaches online but they are never really ‘ready to eat’.  We keep them in a bowl in the kitchen for a few days, when they start smelling sweet and soft to the touch as they are nice and sweet then, we would put them in the fridge at that stage and they keep well for a few days.  As the chicken had enough seasoning and we also added Parma Ham, which is quite salty, we didn’t add any salt to the salad, just pepper, lemon juice & olive oil.  Mozzarella or feta would go well with this, too.


Both of the dishes are nice and summery and tasty.






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