Melt-in-your-mouth Shin Stew (Jamie Oliver)


It’s August from today.  I see many people saying how hot it is in Japan on youtube and instagram so it must be very hot there.  It’s also very humid in Japan so it’s very tough to go out.  Many people suffer from feeling unwell in late summer in Japan.  Here in England, it’s still very cool and it wasn’t great weather today again although there were some sunny periods.  I’ve been hoping that the weather will be good enough on this coming Thursday for a reason, but the weather forecast changes quite largely every day so one day I’m relieved and another day I’m disappointed.  God knows if it rains on the day or not…

今日の夕食は、そろそろ使わないと、と思っていた牛のスネ肉を冷凍庫から出して、ビーフシチューを作りました。何度か続けて同じレシピを作って作ったので、今日はジェイミーオリバーの「Melt-in-your-mouth shin stew(お口の中でとろけるスネ肉のシチュー)」を作ってみました。お野菜の切り方など、いかにも家庭料理、と言う感じ。結構な量の赤ワインが入りますし、缶詰のトマトもたくさん入るので酸味が強かったです。わたしたちは少しはちみつやお砂糖も加えてみましたが、それでも結構酸味が強い仕上がりでした。そのせいか、軽めのシチューでした。

Today’s dinner was Beef Casserole as there was shin of beef in the freezer that we should use.  The last few times we did a beef stew we used the same Japanese recipe so this time we tried a different one: Jamie Oliver’s “Melt-in-your-mouth shin stew”.  Including the way you cut the vegetables it has a very “home cooked stew” vibe.  It uses quite a large quantity of red wine as well as tinned tomatoes so it tasted quite acidic.  We added some honey and sugar but it still tasted sour (we didn’t want to make it ‘sweet’ so added only a small amount of honey and sugar), but it was quite light for that reason I guess.







We are going to Devon for a couple of nights from tomorrow.  The wifi speed at the hotel we are staying at, I think, is very slow so I’m not sure if I can blog, but I’ll see.  I have a feeling I did manage some last time we were there.



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