Pasta with Sausage & Summer Vegetables (& Japanese dramas)


Not very nice weather today, it rained now and again and was very cloudy when it wasn’t raining.  It’s expected to get sunny and warm (24C or 25C) later next week and into the week after next, which would be nice, maybe it’ll feel more like summer again.


Today’s dinner was pasta.  On Wednesday, sausages came with other things from our online supermarket so we used the inside of the sausages with onion, summer vegetables (courgette, aubergine, red pepper) and tin tomatoes.  We used the vegetables as we had them in the fridge and it’s good to have and it was very enjoyable, but I couldn’t taste the flavour of the sausages so much, so  I think I prefer a simpler dish of just sausages, onion, tomatoes and herb.






We’ve been watching a lot of Japanese dramas on Netflix.  I’d given up long time ago of watching Japanese dramas with my husband because of the language problem, but recently my husband found a lot of Japanese dramas on Netflix with English subtitles so we watched one series and enjoyed it so much that we’ve been watching one after another.  I haven’t heard my husband laughing so much watching a drama before!  He really loves them.   I think he enjoys them so much because they are ‘very Japanese’ in many ways, very different from any other countries.



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