Trip To Exeter / Day 3 / Lunch In Dorset


There is one more posting I wanted to upload about our trip to Devon at the beginning of the month.

Gidleigh Park から家に戻ってくる途中、丁度半分くらいのところのドーセットの街で夫の兄とパートナーと4人で会って、軽いランチをしました。場所は義兄に任せたところ、ドーセットの街中のデパートにあるカフェになりました。わたしはクラブサンドにしたところ、写真は上から撮っているのでわかりにくいのですがパンの厚さがそこそこあり中身もたっぷりですごいボリュームで、わたしは半分食べて夫が後の半分を食べました。夫は(写真なし)ブリーのパニーニで、わたしも一口だけ味見しましたがパニーニの方が美味しかったです。

On our way home from Gidleigh Park in Devon, we stopped in Dorchester in Dorset to have a bite with my husband’s elder brother and his partner.  Dorchester is just about halfway between Gidleigh Park and our home so it was a good place to have a rest.  We asked my brother-in-law to choose the place to get together and he chose a cafe in a department store.  I had a club sandwich, which was very large.  It doesn’t look specially large here as the photo was taken from the above but it was very thick as the bread wasn’t sliced very thinly and the filling was very full.  I got full after just a half of it so my husband had the other half.  He had panini of brie, I had a bite of it and I liked it better than my club sandwich.


We don’t have many opportunities to see my husband’s elder brother and his partner, only once or twice a year, so we asked them if they wanted to get together this time.  We still had to drive for a couple of hours or more to get from Dorset so we couldn’t stay long but we had an hour or so with them.

この日は渋滞がひどくて、Gidleigh Park からドーセットまで2時間くらいのはずが、3時間くらいかかり、早めに出たつもりでしたがランチに30分遅れました。そして、ドーセットから我が家までも2時間半かかり、合計5時間半くらいの運転で夫はとても疲れたと思いますし、乗っているだけのわたしも結構疲れました。学校が夏休みでしかも金曜日だったので渋滞したのだと思います。夏休みや金曜日にかかる時は、かなり余裕をもって出発しなければと思いました。

The traffic was very bad that day – the car’s GPS showed it would take 2 hours from Gidleigh Park to Dorset but it actually took 3 hours, so we were late by 30 minutes even though we thought we left with a plenty of time to spare.  It took 2 and a half hours from Dorset to home so it was 5 and a half hours’ drive in total so I’m sure my husband was quite tired by the time we got home.  The traffic was heavy I guess because  it’s school summer holiday time, and it was a Friday.  We must remember how there can be heavy traffic jams during summer holiday and weekends.






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