Thai Dinner At Thai Time In Arundel

暑いし、お菓子教室もあったし、メニューも思い浮かばないし、といういことで、今日はアランデルのタイ料理屋さん「Thai Time」に行きました。車を停めたところから歩いてほんの数分でしたが、歩いている時は夕方になると涼しくなるなと思いながら歩いていましたが到着した途端に暑くなってどっと汗が出ました。なんということでしょう、クーラーがない。前に暑い時に行ったときは、あったはず。故障中だそうです、有り勝ち。しばらく座って落ち着いたら、それほど暑くなかったです。

It’s so hot, I took the French Baking Class this afternoon, I couldn’t come up with a menu for dinner – so we decided to go out instead.  We went to Thai Time in Arundel.  It was only a few minutes’ walk from where we parked our car and I was thinking when we were walking that it wasn’t too hot once the sun goes but as soon as we stopped walking I got all sweaty!  I was sure they had air-con in the restaurant but they didn’t today – apparently it’s broken!!  Once I cooled down it was OK, though.


We tend to order the same things every time but today we did order something we hadn’t had there before, we ordered Moo Ping (pork satay) instead of our usual Chicken Satay.  Other things we ordered are Vegetable Spring Rolls, Mince Pork Salad, Pad Thai, Stir-fried Morning Glory and Jasmine Rice – we enjoyed all.  I think we enjoyed it more today because the weather made it seem more appropriate to have Thai food.  We had one and a half pints of draft beer and the total bill including our tip was £70.  We usually order Banana Fritters for dessert, which my husband loves, but we didn’t have any dessert as we needed to have the Orange Daquoise that I baked at the French Baking Class this afternoon.







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