Today’s dinner was Raclette.  The temperature goes down quickly once the sun goes (12C now) so it feels chilly in the evening, but the raclette machine releases so much heat, we still got a bit hot and the wine and salad that were near to it became warm.  My husband tells me every time when we have this that he prefers this to Cheese Fondue because of the Japanese sausages!  I personally prefer Cheese Fondue a little more because I find it a bit more interesting, raclette is even more simple so I get a bit bored after a couple of slices.  Not that I mind it, it’s easier to prepare and I enjoy it enough.  We eat the sausages after grilling them on the top grill.


Like always, we had it with boiled new potatoes, a large salad (tomatoes, onion, apple, grapes, cucumber, rocket leaves & salad leaves), Parma Ham, salami, cornichons and French Bread.   You pour the melted cheese over bread or/and potatoes, then put on a little paprika or/and chopped onions.










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