Left-over Lasagne


I’d totally forgotten to blog our dinner yesterday.  It was sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and apparently we did also have a bit of rain.  Today and tomorrow, the forecast is good but it’s supposed to go down to 7C today.  It looks like we’ll be having sunny days mostly next week, which is great.


So, yesterday we had the left-over lasagne that we cooked last week, the one with lots of mushrooms and some butternut squash layer.  We kept the left-over in the gratin dish and put the whole thing in the freezer which meant it was taking a lot of room in the freezer, so we wanted to have it as soon as possible.  I added a little milk in the gratin dish, kept the aluminium foil on and put it in the cold oven frozen, then set it at 200C and warmed it up for about 40 minutes.


We had a salad on the side – pear, onion, tomato, rocket, salad leaves and pecan nuts.








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