Japan Holiday / Hong Kong / Dessert Cafe In Hong Kong

ということで、デザートはイートンホテルから数分MTRの駅に向かって歩いたところにある、佳佳甜品 という甘いもの屋さんに行きました。注文はテーブルに置いてあるQRコードを使ってメニューをみて注文し、お支払いもその時に済ませることも出来てとても便利でした。

So we went to a dessert cafe called Kai Kai Dessert, which is about 5 minutes walk from our lunch at the Eaton Hotel towards the MTR Jordan station. Once you get in and sit at a table (after queuing up outside for a while) you scan a QR code on your phone to see their menu and place your order, as well as paying, all from the phone – very convenient.


My husband had sweet bean soup with taro and I had Mango Pomelo Sago as well as 3 sesame balls. They were really yummy. There are so many kinds of Hong Kong sweets that are delicious.

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