Japan Holiday / Hong Kong / Dim Sum At Eaton Hotel In Hong Kong


Today’s lunch was dim sum, which I was very much looking forward to. If someone asks me what is good to eat in Hong Kong I would say Dim Sum without hesitation. Most things are better or at least as good in Japan, but dim sum is better here than in Japan for sure. However, the cost used to be quite reasonable even in a high class restaurant but prices are going higher and higher and it’s getting quite expensive.


We left our hotel earlier so we’d have time to visit Pacific Place, we went in Lane Crawford to look around first as it used to be my favourite place, then looked at a few other shops before we went back to the MTR.

飲茶の場所に選んだのは、お友達に美味しいと教えていただいた、ジョーダンにあるイートンホテルの中華、Yat Tung Heen。

I’d booked a table at Yat Tung Heen at the Eaton Hotel in Jordan, which was recommended by a friend of mine.


Prawn Dumplings. Soooo Goood!!! The prawns are not smelly, very plump and fresh, so tasty and the clear skin of the dumplings is also very good.


Steamed BBQ Pork buns, which is one of my husband’s favourites. For me the filling is a bit gamy but I do love the buns. Very light and fluffy.


Baked Pork Dumplings. Yummy!


Pork dumplings (steamed). We thought it was a good idea for these to be served like this – each one in its own little Chinese spoon – until my husband picked one up – it was extremely hot! I don’t know how you are supposed to take it without burning your fingers.


Baked BBQ pork buns. I think that Tim Ho Wan, the famous dim sum place with a Michelin star, makes them better. These were good except that the bottom of the skin was too tough.


Beef balls with coriander.


My friend told me that the dessert isn’t so good here but that there is a good dessert cafe nearby – so we went there for dessert.


So, 6 kinds of dim sum with a pot of tea was HK$488 (£51). It seems inexpensive in British pounds but expensive in Japanese again. It does seem to have gone up a lot as I’ve written before, but I used to have dim sum in the old days with a large group of friends so that probably made it less expensive as well. £25 per person is inexpensive in England – so I think we’ll think of everything in £ here.

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