Japan Holiday / Figs & Parma Ham And Simple Tomato Pasta


Since we arrived in Japan, we’ve been either eating out or buying what’s already made, so we thought we’d cook something simple in the apartment. We bought a pouch of tomato sauce and all I did was sautéing some onion, mixing this with the sauce and adding a bit of basil. The sauce wasn’t bad but a little too sweet. I think homemade is much better. I did suggest to make it ourselves as tomato sauce is so simple to make but my husband wanted to ‘just warm up’. For the starter, we had figs and Parma Ham that we bought from the Co-op. It was so so delicious! My husband said, “Wow! So good! I forgot what figs are like.” I think he didn’t understand why I say how yummy figs are in Japan because he’d forgotten. They are meltingly soft, so sweet and so flavourful. None of those hard slightly sour and very faint flavoured ones.


Cheap Australian wine we bought in the Co-op, apparently only 800 yen. (£4.40)


The bread with black soy bean we bought from Kouji Labo. Their leaflet said its texture is chewy (in a good way) but it was a little sticky. Perhaps nicer if we toast it well to make it crispy outside.


Figs and Parma Ham, so good.


Spaghettini with tomato sauce.


Dessert was apple and frozen Shine Muscat grapes again.

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