Japan Holiday / Natural Wine Shop “Viva Vin Vivant”


When I posted the dinner at “Ber Ber Bar” on the day before yesterday, I wrote that the owner of the wine bar is now in his 2nd place, a wine shop. As we found out that it was somewhere between Sannomiya and our apartment, we walked from Sannomiya so we could stop there.

「こんにちは〜」と入って行くと、外国人と日本人のカップルなので覚えていただいていました。「Viva Vin Vivant」というナチュラルワイン(ビオワイン)を販売されていて、ご自分でワインも作られているそうです。コロナでお店をオープン出来なかった時期に始められたそうで、色々と興味深いお話も聞かせていただき、ワインを2本選んでいただき、オレンジワインをご馳走になってお店を後にしました。

We went in the shop saying ‘hello’ and he thankfully recognised us because I suppose there aren’t that many couples of a Western guy and a Japanese woman that he knows. He is running a natural wine (bio wine) shop “Viva Vin Vivant” and he is also now making his own wine, he started this business during the pandemic because he wasn’t able to run the restaurant. He told us some very interesting stories, gave us some orange wine to try and recommended some wine. We bought 2 bottles and left the shop.


We had one of the bottles with our supper today.


Here is his shop.

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