Japan Holiday / Ramen At Yamato Ramen In Ashiya


We didn’t have anything on today, so we decided to go and have Ramen, which my husband really wanted to have in Japan. It’s been 10 days since we arrived in Kobe so 1/3 of the month of our stay has already gone. We thought “we have a whole month, there’ll be so much time”, but somehow our calendar looks pretty full now. We didn’t see anyone and didn’t go very far in the first one week just to be safe in case we’d picked up Covid on our way here, so the following 3 weeks became relatively busy. As we cannot manage to eat a proper lunch and a proper dinner every day any more, it’s not even easy to go to all the restaurants we really wanted to go to in the time, hopefully we’ll just manage to get through our wish list.


Anyway, we decided to go and have Ramen today but I don’t really know where is good. Searching online isn’t good because so many of them come up. So I asked my sister and she told me she liked Yamato Ramen in Ashiya, so that’s where we went. She told me it has a lot of garlic.


Yes, it really had a lot of garlic and also a lot of Chinese Cabbage. You can choose to have one, two or three batches of ramen noodles in your bowl. I thought I could probably have 2 but we both ordered just 1 and thank goodness I didn’t order 2 because it was quite a large portion. They said it was ‘spicy’ but I wouldn’t call it that, but it was quite different from what I normally think of Ramen. It was quite oily but tasted delicious. You have to be extra careful with the soup because it’s so so hot! Even though I was being careful I still burned the inside of my mouth. The noodles are firm, thin and crinkled. We also ordered one Gyoza plate to share. They have quite a few other things on their menu also.


It was 1,930 yen (£11). I really cannot come up with anywhere we could eat something delicious and something filling with just £11 for two in England.


After Ramen, we walked back to Hankyu Ashiyagawa station, took the train to Hankyu NIshinomiya Kitaguchi, then went to Nishinomiya Gardens (shopping centre) to look in a couple of shops. There was somewhere we wanted to stop at between Sannomiya Station and the apartment we are renting so we also walked from Sannomiya Station to the apartment. Yesterday, we only walked to the Thai restaurant and back so I walked only 4,000 steps, but today I managed to hit 12,000.

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