Japan Holiday / Okonomi-yaki For Dinner


Yesterday, we got back to Kobe from Fukuoka a little before 6:00pm, had a bit of a rest and I did some blogging before we went to a local Okonomi-yaki restaurant for dinner. We went there once before, quite early in our stay in Japan, the food was good, the lady who cooks is very nice and my husband loved watching the baseball game (Hanshin Tigers qualifying for the Japan series) while we had dinner so much that he wanted to go back. Last time there was one guy and a couple watching the game but this time the customers were a lady with her little daughter (then another lady came in later) so they were watching a different TV programme, but once that finished the owner kindly turned the channel to the baseball game.


To start she gave us a little bowl of penne with genovase sauce, very nice.


Yamaimo (yam) in the front and Tofu in the back.


Yamaimo with basil


Tofu steak, this is a half, which is my husband’s. It’s really soft and yummy.


Pork & egg okonomi-yaki. This time it was firmer than the last time.




Some turnip pickles.


We’d had Yakisoba in the gyoza restaurant on the day before but we didn’t like it so much, so we had it again here and it was much better.



My husband had 3 draft beers, I had 1. The lady gave us 4 pieces of persimmon for a dessert. We ordered the same things as the first time except Yakisoba instead of Sobameshi. The total bill was 5,800 yen (£32). Everything was good.

Incidentally, the Tigers were losing when we left the restaurant, but they gained 6 runs in the 8th inning and won the game. My husband was very happy!

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