Japan Holiday / Brunch At “Bill’s” In Fukuoka


Our Shinkansen from Hakata to Shinkobe departed at 3:00pm, so we had plenty of time. We took our time in the morning in our hotel room and decided to go to “Bill’s”, which is from Sydney, Australia, for a brunch. Many many years ago, (probably more than 15 years go), we had breakfast or lunch with our friends at the original “Bill’s” in Sydney. It was already very popular back then, you couldn’t make a reservation so just had to go there and see if you can get a table or not. I cannot remember if we queued but I remember we sat at one large table with other people. Considering how popular it was, the meal was very ordinary, nothing bad but nothing special. Those days restaurants in Sydney were in general very good so there were many other better places.



When I looked at the menu, I couldn’t help saying, “Wow! Expensive!”

My husband had Full Aussie Breakfast with a Cappucino.



I had Avocado Toast with coriander and lime plus a poached egg. It was quite a large portion with plenty of avocado. A half the avocado was very nice and creamy but the other half was watery. Bread was sourdough so was quite chewy, I prefer a more crispy texture when toasted. Still, overall it was quite good. The only thing I felt disappointed with was the cut parts of the lime were totally dried out. When I squeezed it some juice did come out but it’s not nice to get a dried out looking lime, if you wrap it I don’t think it doesn’t get as dry as that in a day. As this is a very expensive cafe, I would expect better. I had fresh squeezed orange juice as well.


So, how much do you think this brunch was? You can have quite a good dinner with 5,000 yen in Japan, but this brunch was 6,350 yen (£34). £34 doesn’t sound so bad but it is very expensive in Japan, a sort of breakfast price in posh hotels. The decor is very nice, the food was good and it was near our hotel so we didn’t mind, but if we’d known some other nice cafe near there we’d probably have chosen that instead.

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