Japan Holiday / Catch Up With A Friend


So, a friend came from Osaka to Kobe to see me yesterday afternoon.


We met in Daimaru and went into the cafe on the first floor, they have terrace but we sat inside. As my friend had travelled from Osaka as soon as she had finished her schedule in the morning, she hadn’t had lunch so I asked her to have lunch there, but she insisted she would just like to have something sweet and coffe. I wanted early grey tea but they didn’t have it and I don’t like usual tea so much so I had orange juice.


I was a little surprised that not many cafes have Earl Grey tea or even herb tea.


She told me she’d love to see me only for a short time because now that I live in England it’s not easy for me to visit Japan, so she would come over just for tea. She is right, England and Japan are so far and we are getting older, we cannot travel so easily so often. I used to visit Japan 3 times a year from Hong Kong, twice a year from Singapore. I guess we can come once in a couple of years or so now. When we were younger, I think most of us used to feel we can see each other any time we want forever, but we start to realise that is not true. So it’s important to try and see people you want to see when you can. Anyway, I hope we’ll get together sometime soon again.

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